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SOG’s pro bono work is a part of our larger vision to assists individuals and groups of limited means and indirectly strengthen the greater rule of law in our community.

SOG’s pro bono work – encouraging legal practitioners to apply their expertise to advance the community.

Pro bono work inspires our lawyers to apply their talents to represent individuals and organizations from a variety of backgrounds, industries, and causes. In the SEE region, ‘having a lawyer’ sometimes sounds like a sign that something is going wrong and is rarely a sign of something good. The culture of the positive outlook on the legally arranged projects, activities, relations, and representation is a part of our larger vision of fostering the fair and transparent relations in the immediate and the broader community.

We encourage lawyers, associates, and interns to dedicate themselves to a cause that they find important, to represent the members of that community, thus improving the world around them, one step at the time.

Our pro bono work does not conflict with or contravene the interests of other clients we represent.


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Nevena Janković

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