Data Protection

Data privacy and protection legal team at SOG advises clients how to prepare preventive measures, response strategies, and remedies.

Data privacy and security are among the SOG’s top legal advisory priorities.

With more than 822 million exposed records from 2,164 reported data breach incidents, and 2013 has seen the doubling of the previous record set in 2011, data security is becoming a primary concern for governments and businesses around the globe.

Data security practice is one of the SOG’s top legal advisory priorities, due to GDPR and the increased threat data breaches pose, together with the high costs related to protection from these attacks, as well as the costly consequences of data privacy non-compliance.

Our lawyers combine knowledge of information laws with experience in privacy and regulatory compliance to generate privacy policies and strategies that protect clients from current threats.

SOG also conducts internal privacy audits and works with clients on a continuous basis to keep them up to date with local and international laws, regulations, and cutting-edge security and privacy.

SOG’s response and remedy services include investigations and litigations regarding data security breaches. We conduct thorough assessments of the type and nature of the breach and extent of impact. Our lawyers also draft appropriate documentation, manage crisis communication, and prepare clients for potential litigation.


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