IP Rights: General Importance and Serbian Game Dev Perspective

October 08, 2022

IP Rights: General Importance and Serbian Game Dev Perspective

October 08, 2022

Tijana Kovačević

Tijana Kovačević

Senior Associate

Understanding the Benefits of Legal Protection in Gaming

Every game has distinctive elements, such as titles, characters, music, or designs. It is a critical issue, especially before any game is released. A company that has invested in producing something unique must always consider the commercial benefit and protecting the game’s characteristic creative elements to ensure that the entire product will safely enter the market.

But registering the IP rights of a particular game is not only beneficial in the sense of legal protection. It is vital for smaller developers trying to get their way into the big business and for any prominent industry players wanting to add a surplus value to their products. Even more, licensing processes are necessary so the company can get more prospects from potential investors.

If we want to point out the most prevalent types of IP in the gaming industry, we can say that these are: 1. Copyrights, and 2. Trademarks.

Copyright protects not only the creative expression of a video game but also the storyline, code, or soundtrack. Registering trademarks can cover the logos and names of gaming products and companies.

The importance of IP rights to Developers is Getting More Significant as the Serbian ICT Sector Grows

What about the Serbian context? We are witnessing that our country’s ICT sector is achieving significant growth. And that the gaming industry, as a part of this sector, is seen as the one of the most promising one. It means that our market is finally grabbing the attention on the regional and worldwide scale, and it will potentially become predominant. It also indicates that Serbia’s gaming firms are in line with the accelerated global growth of the gaming industry – where the protection of IP rights is playing a substantial role.

There is an exceptional frequency of events emphasizing learning about all the possibilities of protection and strategic management of IP rights. Companies slowly recognize that protecting IP rights increases the value of their products and the companies themselves.

By last year’s statistics, the Serbian gaming ecosystem comprises around 120 companies, studios, and indie teams, and the generated total revenue by the gaming sector in Serbia amounts to about 120 million EUR. By all chance, this year will bring an increase in all the fields. An excellent way to track what is going on is to read the Serbia Games Association (SGA) annual report marking all the most critical changes in this industry.

Let’s also mention that the value of the video game market in the world reached almost 200 billion USD in 2021, and there are predictions that the value in 2026 will be around 330 billion USD.

This text is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. Should you require any additional information, feel free to contact us.


Tijana Kovačević, Senior Associate


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